4 tips to help you declutter

4 tips to help you declutter

It’s not always easy to keep your family home clutter free but these tips to help you declutter should really help you organise your space.

4 tips to help you declutter

If you’re struggling to keep on top of your clutter then you will love these ideas to keeping your home organised and clutter free.

Do one room a day

Focus on one room at a time, figure out what room you’ll start with and complete that room before heading to another. If you have limited time try setting a timer and getting as much as you can in that room before the timers up.

Write it down

Write down all the places you need to declutter, then figure out which room is most important or time sensitive for you to complete. Then start in that room and go through the list of what you want to get done.

Have a basket for stuff in each room

If you find that certain areas are constantly untidy try having a basket for ‘stuff’ in those rooms. The stuff can go in the baskets until the end of the day and then the baskets get emptied daily or weekly into their rightful place.

Get rid of stuff

This sounds simple doesn’t it, but in reality we often try to hold on to stuff that we just don’t need. If it hasn’t been worn or used in the last 6-12 months then just get rid! You could even make some extra cash by selling at a carboot or on eBay.


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