A Guide To Getting Better Sleep

A Guide To Getting Better Sleep

Do you wish to get a better night’s rest and ensure you have a better quality of sleep – these tips are going to help. Here is a guide to getting better sleep.

1. Adhere To A Schedule

Mother was correct when she said we had to go to bed at a certain time as children. Setting and adhering to a schedule ensures the body sets an internal rhythm, so you can get up at any time you want consistently each day. Furthermore, you should try to keep the schedule over the weekend or the following Monday you may wake up later feeling over-tired.

2. Sleep At Night Only

While long snoozes during the day may be enjoyable, it is recommended that you avoid daytime sleep as much as possible. Not only do daytime naps waste time during the day, but they steal hours from your overnight slumber. If you do sleep during the day, try limiting the naps to twenty-minute power naps.

3. Exercise

Studies show that exercise can help you sleep better. The body uses overnight sleep to recover muscles and joints that have been exercised; therefore, half an hour of exercise each day during the afternoon or morning can improve your sleep. Exercise stimulates a person’s body and any stimulating activity before bedtime can make falling asleep difficult.

4. Take A Hot Shower

Hot showers or baths immediately before going to bed can be beneficial because they relax tense muscles and can bring on sleep.

5. Avoid Eating Immediately Before Bed

It is recommended that you leave a minimum of two hours from when you last eat and when you sleep. This ensures that digestion can begin well before going to sleep, so your body is able to rest well during the night instead of working hard digesting food.

6. Avoid Any Caffeine

Caffeine is a known stimulant and can keep you awake, which is not something you want when going to bed for a good night’s sleep.

7. Reading A Fiction Book

Fiction novels  will take you to a fantasy world if you immerse yourself in them, and it can take time to ponder over the book as you fall asleep. I find as I read more, regardless of the book, I feel more tired at night and it becomes easier to sleep. This may be different for others, but it works for me and should be worth a try.

8. Have The Room Temperature Cooler

I prefer a cooler room to a hot room and will turn off the heat allowing cool air to circulate in and out of the windows. If I become cold, I pull on warm pyjamas or another blanket. It also reduces the energy bills as you do not require heating on all night.

9. Sleeping In Silence

I found that sleeping without any television or music in the background is more restful. Some people may disagree, but I believe sleep with no background noise is better for a clearer mind.

10 Mattress

A new mattress can make all the difference to the quality of sleep that you enjoy. A Sleepys  one can make a big difference and really help to improve your quality of rest.

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