Autumnal date ideas that won’t break the bank

It’s that beautiful time of year again where all the leaves start to turn a lovely colour and the nights start to draw in. Now is a great time to start dating, especially with Halloween and Christmas parties on the way. But with all the extra festivities around the corner, date money can be tricky to find. Here are a few autumnal date ideas that won’t break the bank.Autumnal date ideas that won’t break the bank

Autumnal date ideas that won’t break the bank

If you’re not currently on the dating scene then you be worried about how you will find your next date. But there is no need to worry! With the wonders of internet dating and dating apps you need never worry about finding a date again. Sites such as Edinburgh Dating offer a chance to meet new people in the comfort of your own home.

When you have bagged yourself a date with someone you may then wonder what you should do when you first meet. Usual options include a meal out, or maybe a few drinks to get to know each other. But these aren’t always particularly cheap options. Especially with the expenses of Christmas coming up in a few months.

Meet for a chilly evening stroll

This may not sound too appealing as the nights draw in and get cooler. But while the evenings aren’t completely freezing cold it would be a lovely romantic idea. Just get all cosied up with your winter coat, hats and scarves to walk and get to know each other.

Take a picnic and a flask

To take this one step further you might like to pack a picnic. Include a flask of something warm so you don’t get too cold. Don’t forget to take a couple of blankets along with you. One to sit on and one or two to wrap around you and your date.

If you can both make a daytime date then you could do a picnic during the day. By planning during the day you could also pick a place of natural beauty to both enjoy the scenery.

Why not try a first date at a Christmas market

Christmas is a particularly magical time and especially if you are dating. There are so many Christmas markets around now that it could be a great idea for a date at this time of year. Edinburgh Christmas market is particularly lovely. If you don’t live near Edinburgh then you could also plan ahead to find some Edinburgh Singles online beforehand.

Stay in with a meal for 2

If you would rather invite your date over for a meal then that could also be a great money saving idea. You could cook a lovely meal for both of you and enjoy your food knowing you didn’t pay the restaurant price for it. If you are not a whizz in the kitchen however then maybe a M&S meal for two is more your thing. This is still a much cheaper option than a restaurant and just as tasty.

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