How dating has changed in the last 30 years

In 2019 it’s all about Tinder, Love Island and dating websites to find your next date. We’re now living in a world where meeting someone online is easier than meeting someone new in person. We’re going to take a look at how dating has changed in the last 30 years.

How dating has changed in the last 30 years

How dating has changed in the last 30 years

For anyone over 50s dating the modern world may seem miles apart from what they would remember as a youngster. Dating is currently all about swiping right, meeting new people online and making judgments before you’ve even met a person.

But if you’ve recently been divorced or you are newly single and over 40 you may be concerned that you won’t fit into the new age dating scene. It isn’t all that bad though and there are even some benefits to the modern style of dating. So if you’re someone who is Older Dating don’t worry it’s not as bad as you might first of thought.

How does dating compare to 30 years ago?

30 years ago dating was a completely different ball game compared to modern day. You would meet someone in your local pub, at work, from down the road, through friends or just bump into them randomly. Then you would more than likely swap phone numbers and arrange to go on a first date. As the relationship would progress you would go on more dates until you were going steady.

In this day and age though online dating sites and apps such as tinder are the first place to go when looking for a date or relationship. Judgements are made before you’ve even spoken to or met with a person and messaging them has become a kind of pre first date ritual.

Why modern day dating may be a better way to date

We might think that dating has lost its sparkle a little and to be honest maybe it has. It’s maybe not as exciting as it once was? But modern day dating is better for a few reasons.

You can meet someone even when you’re too busy to date

You can meet someone completely new without disturbing your regular routine. You could meet someone new even if you have a busy career or a family to take care of. Being able to meet new people online opens you up to so many people that you wouldn’t otherwise meet due to time commitments.

You can meet people who live in other areas

Opening yourself up to online dating means you’ll also put yourself out there for people in other areas. This is great if you’re potentially looking to move or you just want to cast your net further afield.

You’ll spend less time on the time wasters

You have the chance to ‘weed out’ anyone you don’t feel a connection with before you waste any time or money on a first date. This is a bonus for anyone! No one wants to get stuck on a date from hell with someone you will definitely never see again.

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