How to plan your own wedding

How to plan your own wedding

Have you considered planning your own wedding instead of hiring a wedding planner? You can enjoy your day knowing that you have added your personal touch to it. This blog post explores how to plan your own wedding.

How to plan your own wedding

Planning your own wedding can sound like a really big task, and to be honest it can be one of the most stressful events of your life.  But for some there is no other option for whatever reason. Maybe you can’t afford a wedding planner or maybe you just want that personal touch all the way through. Whatever your reason for choosing to plan your own wedding it is possible and you can still create your perfect day. And there are so many websites that are there to help do just that, check out this website for instance.

Choose your budget

Traditionally the brides parents pay for the big day but that tradition may not hold up in this modern world. You might be lucky and have parents armed and ready with a wedding fund for you and thats great. If that’s not the case however you the first thing your realistically need to work out is what your budget is.

Are you willing to spend your life savings on your big day or would you rather stick to a more modest amount of money. The important thing is that you’re both happy with the amount and that you won’t be getting yourselves into debt just for one day. You don’t want to be starting off married life in debt and struggling to pay it off.

Pick your venue

Picking your venue should probably be one of the first things you do. This way you’ll know if you need to find outside catering or whether the venue can offer this itself. You might even be able to get ‘package wedding’ with the venue if it fits with your budget and you’re happy with your choice. This might include food, drinks, the ceremony and other extras.

You will also need to consider how big your party is and what age ranges will be attending. Do you have disabled people attending and will they manage to get to your venue.

Choose who you will invite

Choosing who to invite can be tricky but it is obviously an important part of wedding planning. While thinking of who to invite you also need to consider your budget. You could try making a VIP list full of the essential people that you really want there. Then think about whether they will be bringing a plus one and their families.

You might also like to consider whether or not you will be inviting children. It’s becoming more popular to not invite children these days and it’s up to you if you invite them or not. Some people feel that a wedding isn’t the place for children and other people feel differently. If you do choose to invite children then you might like to consider some age appropriate entertainment for them as well as the adults.

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