How we plan to have our dream home

We’re currently saving to buy our first family home, and have been for almost 2 years now. We’re obviously very excited to eventually get out of rented housing and have a house that we can really make our own. As much as we love where we live now, it still bothers us that we can’t change much. I mean we could buy new furniture or paint some walls but as for anything more we would be spending money on a house that isn’t actually our own. This post is all about how we plan to have our dream home when we have finally bought a house.

How we plan to have our dream home

A really big thing for me is have beautiful windows that let in plenty of light. I love the idea of a nice light and airy living area and conservatories are just that! I could imagine myself relaxing with a good book all snug and cosy in a conservatory. The thought of having the garden coming into the house by using potted plants in the conservatory sounds perfect to me. And I could just imagine listening to the rain tap on the conservatory roof.

The kitchen

A decent kitchen is so important to me. I would love it to be big enough to hold big family dinners such as Christmas dinners or family get togethers. But also super practical and clutter free with plenty of cupboard and worktop space to use. I enjoy cooking but hate to feel to cramped up in the kitchen so enough worktop space so that I could spread out would be ideal. Cupboards keep a kitchen clutter free so having plenty of cupboard space would mean that everything had a space. In fact a pantry would be perfect in there to as a food storeroom.


The bathroom is probably the next important thing on the list. A decent sized bath with easy to clean tiling all over. Ideally we would have an en suite to the master bedroom as well as the main family bathroom. I do love a shower so we would most likely have a shower over the bath as well as a shower in the ensuite. I would much rather have a double shower with a water fall shower head power shower. A rolled top bath and those sinks with the waterfall taps would look amazing as well.

How we plan to have our dream home throughout

I love fluffy carpets! The fluffier the better but practicality wise with kids and pets laminate flooring and vinyl would probably work better down stairs. Even if they are just in the kitchen and hallway. I would still have fluffy rugs on the laminate flooring where they would be needed though. Upstairs I love the idea of super cosy soft carpeting that when you stand on it first thing in the morning you get that lovely cosy feeling. I also think that carpeting makes a house feel so much warmer especially in the cooler months.

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