Scrapbooking your summer holidays

The summer holidays are upon us and there’s no better way to document all of your family adventures than with a scrapbook. Scrapbooking is one of those really fun ways to show off your memories. Everyone can get involved with scrapbooking and it’s a great activities for children and adults alike. This article will explore scrapbooking your summer holidays.

Scrapbooking your summer holidays

Scrapbooking your summer holidays

If you’ve ever scrapbooked before then you will know that it is rather addictive once to get started on a project. If you plan to scrapbook your summer holiday adventures then getting the kids involved is a must.

You could even build scrapbooking into your children activities and give them a summer scrapbooking project to complete. As your children get older they will love looking back on all their summer holiday adventures through the scrapbooks they created themselves.

Getting started with scrapbooking

Start off with the scrapbook that you intend to use for your summer holidays. You could choose a proper scrapbook style book or you could even decorate your own book for a cheaper option. If you intend letting the kids have their very own scrapbooks then you may prefer to go with the cheaper option and let them decorate the outside of the book too.

You’ll need to gather all of your ticket stubs, pictures of the summer holidays and anything else that reminds you of a summer holiday activity too did.

Before you start sticking anything down make sure you are happy with the layout. You could add in some extra picture using some svg files you print out to break things up a little.

Sticking with the summer theme

To create a real summer holiday feel to your scrapbook remember to stick with the summer theme. These sunflower svg would work brilliantly on a page featuring a recent picnic or day out in the sunshine.

As you are trying to create a particular time of year try to avoid anything that diverts from summer. Although if there was a particularly rainy day you could feature pictures of a rainy day in playing board games or watching a film with popcorn.

You could stick to a double page per day or you could mix up your scrapbook completely it’s entirely up to you how you choose the layout. In personal opinion I like to see the summer holidays unfold in a double page per day layout.

Don’t stick down until you’re ready

There are 2 main ways you could scrapbook your summer holidays. You could either choose to add pictures immediately after your day out or you could choose to leave it all until the end of the summer holidays and use the pictures to reminisce what you got up to.

Whichever way you choose don’t stick down your pictures etc until you’re sure you are happy with the way it looks. The best way to do this is by using a bit of blu tac to fiddle around with your design before you commit. This way you know you’ll be happy with your scrapbook for years to come.

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