Ways to save money when buying a home

If there’s one thing for certain then it’s that buying a home is expensive! When you first look into buying a place you soon realise that there is more than just a huge deposit to cough up for. So this article will hopefully show you a few ways to save money when buying a home.

Ways to save money when buying a home

Ways to save money when buying a home

When you start looking into buying a home especially your first home you’ll soon learn that you’ll need a pretty hefty deposit to save for. Then you’ll have to save money to be able to cover the fees associated with buying a house. Then you’ll need to move in a have to buy a house full of furniture. Luckily there are a few ways to cut costs of buying a home.

Where you can get second hand or free furniture

The first way to save money on buying your home is to get as much furniture second hand. Car boots, eBay, Gumtree or ask friends and relatives if they have anything they don’t want anymore. You might even get lucky and find some things for free. Websites such as freeclycle provide a place to advertise items for free. Even though the items are free you can still pick up some pretty decent stuff! All you need to do is pick it up yourself.

Use a mortgage broker when you are ready to buy

Now this one may seem counter productive and you may wonder how you can save money by potentially giving yourself yet more fees to pay for. But the truth is a Mortgage Broker may in fact be able to save you money. You hire a mortgage broker to essentially get the best mortgage deal for you. Not only that but they can offer you guidance and financial advice moving forwards as well.

The amount you could save by using a mortgage broker could save you thousands every year. If you imagine how much you could potentially spend each month on mortgage repayments. Then imagine that your mortgage broker can save you £100 each month. The mortgage broker has soon paid for itself in just a few short months.

Get cash back on home buying essentials

Most people in this day and age have heard of cash back sites such as Topcashback. But you might not have thought about using them when buying a home. You can actually get cash back on anything from home insurance to furnishing your new place. Cashback rates obviously vary depending on what you’re buying but this could save you £100’s each year.

Check government schemes

In the past the government has offered some really good help to buy schemes to help you save money on buying your first home. Some new build home companies also offer money off or cash back schemes on their new builds. This won’t be available in every area around the UK but it’s definitely worth checking locally to see if you could save some extra cash.

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