What You Need To Know About Vaping

What You Need To Know About Vaping

With vaping in fashion this collaborative post explains everything you need to know about this healthier alternative to regular cigarettes.

everything you need to know about vaping

What You Need To Know About Vaping 

In the definition given in the Oxford Dictionary: Vaping is an act of inhaling then exhaling a vapor that is produced by either a type of electronic-cigarette or a similar device. When the e-liquid is heated it creates a vapour, which means a user is able to derive nicotine hits without having to smoke traditional cigarettes. 

The Anatomy Of The E-Cigarette

After the electronic cigarettes were first invented, a lot more people have become interested or attracted to “potential” benefits of these devices and started to experiment more with them. This has resulted in a growing Vape Industry that is accompanied by an array of customisable options for unique users. Navigating the various options is often complex for the new vapours, which is why we have described an overview of the different e-cigarette parts. 

1. Batteries

The battery in an e-cigarette is the powerhouse in these devices. The batteries are what provide energy that is needed to heat and then vaporise the e-juice or e-liquid. The battery is built into the compact e-cigarettes, which are the type that resembles a traditional cigarette, while they are rechargeable and replaceable in the more advanced and larger vaping devices. The battery size is what controls how long your vaping device will last, with the large batteries providing for an uninterrupted and longer vape. The lithium rechargeable batteries are usually charged with an outlet or USB wires. 

2. Atomizers, Coils and Wicks

The battery is what supplies the power to an atomizer, which is the portion of an e-cigarette which houses the wick and the coil. In the simple models, an atomizer may be located inside the tank, while the more advanced vapours have the choice of a stand-alone atomizer, RBAs, and RDAs which makes them an essential component in the different vaping devices. Because an atomizer contains a wick and coil, it is what houses transformations of an e-liquid into vapour. 

The wick is what carries e-liquids from the device’s tank onto the coil where it is heated. These wicks are typically made from steel mesh, eko-wool, ceramic, twisted silica-cords or cotton. The coil is made up of smaller pieces of a resistance wire which looks like a spring. The diameter and wrap numbers of a coil will affect the resistance of the coil (according to Ohm’s law). The resistance is what determines the electricity amount that is needed to power e-cigarette devices and how much heat will be produced. The majority of the coils are made from NiChrome, Kanthal and Nickel. 

3. Cartomizers, Clearomisers and Tanks

The cartridges, clearomisers and cartomizers are regarded as a subset of the broader categories of the Tanks, which are the mechanisms which hold the e-juices. However, within the vaping industry, the tank specifically refers to an advanced storage container that has special capacities and features. 

The clearomisers and cartomizers are similar in the way that they unscrew from a main device when you have to refill your tank. The clearomisers feature a plastic clear panel that shows how much e-juice or e-liquid is still in the tank. In addition, the clearomiser uses a silica wick that transports the e-liquids to a coil. They are also easy to maintain and clean. The cartomizers do not feature plastic panes, but rather a polyfill-substance that transports the e-liquids. They are harder to maintain and require priming before they are used. 

4. E-Liquids

The e-liquids which also go by the name of e-juices are a substance that is stored inside a tank until they heat up inside the atomizer. Unless you purchase disposable e-cigarettes, the e-liquids are usually sold separately from your vaporiser in bottles. These come in an array of different types, strengths and flavours. The primary ingredients will usually contain VG, PG, flavourings and nicotine.

PG, which stands for Propylene Glycol, is one of the common preservatives and additive in plastics and foods. For the vapours, PG offers a higher throat hit when compared to the VG e-liquids. Even though they provide flavours that are more intense, PG is much thinner and will produce less vapour when compared to the VG liquids. Even though the preservatives in PG extend how long the juice will last, a few vapours are either allergic or sensitive to these e-liquids. 

For any vapours with a PG sensitivity, there are many manufacturers that offer the VG liquids which stand for Vegetable Glycerine. These liquids are sweeter and thicker than the PG liquids, and they produce thicker and denser clouds of vapour. Even though this will commonly slightly affect how the vapour tastes, the VG liquids are 100% hypoallergenic which makes them a better option for many vapours. Many of the e-liquids use combinations of VG and PG to produce different types of vaping experiences. 

In addition, the e-juices are also available in different nicotine levels. These include 0mg, which contains no nicotine, 6mg which is a low-density nicotine, the 12mg which is a medium-density nicotine, and the 18mg, which is a high-density nicotine, while 24mg is usually the highest density nicotine level. Any levels that exceed 24mg are regarded as the maximum nicotine-levels. The e-liquids also come in many different flavours which include: sour, juicy, savoury, sweet, and spicy and more. 

5. E-Cigarette Types 

– Cig-A-Like

Like the name suggests the Cig-a-like is meant to look like a real cigarette. These devices are slender and sleek in their construction, which makes them easy-to-use and portable. The majority of the disposable e-cigarettes form a part of this category. In most cases the Cig-a-like will only feature two parts which include the combined battery and atomizer and the cartridge. These are ideal for a beginner vaping experience but will soon become costly to replace. 

– Vape Pen

The vape pen is a bit more bulky in comparison to cig-a-like and usually feature three parts. This includes the mouthpiece, clearomiser and the combined battery and atomizer. These are reusable devices which makes them cost-effective while delivering great taste, style and performance. These are ideal for the intermediate vapours that have little experience when it comes to the different e-cigarette terminology and products. Just about every e-liquid that we stock is compatible with the vape pens. 

6. APVS and Box Mods

The APVs and Box Mods are also known as advanced-personal vaporisers, that contain larger coils and batteries. These devices have the abilities to produce large vapour amounts for extended amounts of time. They come standard with a mouthpiece, battery, atomizer and clearomiser and offer advanced hits for the vapours that are more experienced. Because they contain more customisable pieces and components, they are recommended more for the advanced vapours. 

7. Safety 

While the e-cigarettes are suggested as the safer alternative to traditional cigarettes, precautions should be taken in order to guarantee a safe and enjoyable vaping experience. Ensure that you only use the charger provided for the battery, and make sure you remove your battery once it has reached a full charge. The batteries should be stored away from each other to avoid the terminals touching which could result in a short circuit. Make sure the batteries you use are rated for that specific coil and make sure you keep them away from direct sunlight and heat. 

Your e-liquids should also be stored in a cool and dark place away from pets and children. Avoid licking or ingesting an e-liquid. Be aware that you may have an allergic reaction to the PG liquids, so ensure you change over to a VG liquid if you experience any complications after you vape. As usual it is recommended to consult with a doctor before you start vaping or when you have a concern.

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